A-Levels in Nepal And Best 5 A-Levels Colleges

What is A-Levels?

A-Levels were introduced in 1951 In England and Wales as a standard School leaving Certificate. In the UK, there are 5 boards for A levels examination and among them, CIA (Cambridge International Assessment) has been conducting    A-Level exams internationally in more than 100 countries. It’s a two-year course that is classified into AS (Advanced Subsidiary) which is the first year and A2 Which will be the second and final year. The exams happen 3 times a which is quite interesting as it Says students can give exams when they feel prepared for it not forcing anything on them.

Grading System

Students are supposed to have at least four subjects including English General Paper in their subject combination. They may also have more than four subjects according to their interests and capabilities. You will be assessed on a grade scale from A* awarded for the highest level of achievement, to E indicating the minimum required performance to pass. There is also a grade termed U which is ungraded or fail in simple terms. You get a U if you score below 40.

AS Level gradePUM rangeA Level gradePUM range

Eligibility Criteria for A-Levels

Unlike NEB it doesn’t demand your grades to be extraordinary. As long as you have passed the SEE exams you are eligible for this course. There aren’t any specified sets of grades you need to achieve in order to get enrolled.

Admission Intake: Generally during the month of April/May 

A-Levels in the context of Nepal

A-Levels provides you with an option other than the NEB + 2 course. The course is internationally benchmarked qualification, way more flexible, and demands a rigorous dedication from the student compared to the NEBs +2 course. It expects the student to be creative and analytical. It provides you with more than 55+ subjects to choose your combination of subjects from (a minimum 4). Unlike the Nepalese education system, you will not be forced to take unnecessary subjects. You can have both science and non-science subjects in your subject combination which reduces some unnecessary stress on your shoulders. For example, you can have both physics and economics in your subject combination at the same time. Isn’t that awesome?  Students can focus on the subject which they want to study at university.

 After you finish the A-level qualification it will make your life easier as it will help you compete for Top universities and Ivy-league colleges across the world.  As the course is way more advanced Than the NEB course you will have an upper hand compared to others. Also, it will prepare you for all the challenges you may have if you want to pursue your higher education abroad.

Is A-Levels worth pursuing in Nepal?

It is quite simple if you love challenges and are bored with a conventional Nepali education system which is more of a burden than a learning process then maybe you can give it a try to A-levels. Over 600 universities in the world including ivy-league universities accept you if you have an A-levels qualification. All the universities in Nepal also accept this course so you can also pursue your higher education in Nepal too.

There may be some hindrances in your way if you want to pursue this course. First of all, it is expensive as compared to +2 which will be not big of a problem as colleges provide scholarships up to 100% for needy and bright students. And if you want to pursue your higher education in Nepal this course might not be for you as the curriculum is way different and broad. It is not that you can’t study in Nepal after this just that it is somewhat a waste if you pursue your education in Nepal after this. If you don’t want to go abroad for further education, I would suggest you pursue the NEB course as it will help you more for further education in Nepal.

The hard work and diligence required also may be a drawback for some students as you can’t even pass this course with a Month’s study which maybe is the case in +2. It requires your dedication and persistence. Students may find it quite hard and may get confused in the first few months as this will be a completely new way of learning for them.

In a nutshell, if you just want to pass high school don’t join this course else if you are interested to learn new things in quite an astonishing way you may give it a chance.

 Best A-Level Colleges in Nepal

If you have made up your mind for A-Levels and are ready to challenge yourself. Let’s get you updated with some best A-level colleges in Nepal. Even though there are 21 A Level institutions running in Nepal we will discuss the best 5 among them.

RBS (Rato Bangla School)

Established in 1992 one of the most prestigious academic institutions of Nepal RBS is a registered Cambridge international Examination center. The school has up-to-date teaching methods good facilities and trained teachers.  It got everything a student wants from its academic institution. The only drawbacks you have with RBS may be affordability as it has an expensive fee structure which may be a concern for some students.

Contact Number5547618, 5542045, 5547620

Budhanilkantha School

 A government School that was established in 1972 has a  rich history. Simply one of the best in Nepal. It was the first school in Nepal ever to provide A-Level education. The teaching methods maybe be a little conventional compared to other schools but it will provide an excellent study environment and an excellent set of teachers backing you. Life lessons, extracurricular activities, sports, and so on will enhance you as a person if you join this school.

LocationNarayansthan, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact Numberinfo@bnks.edu.np

Chelsea International Academy

Chelsea International Academy was established in 2005 by excellent and prominent academicians. The college claims “Vision through Virtue” and it has been following the motto sincerely since its inception. The college has an excellent set of teachers and support staff. The result and University Placement of this college is one of the best in Nepal.  Although lack of proper facilities and infrastructure is quite of a disappointment for a with all the money they charge. If that doesn’t concern you at all it may be the best option for you as it’s excellent performance in academics.

LocationLakhe Chaur Marg, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
Contact Number4472902, 4499662, 4483212, 4490349

The British collage

The college was established by a group of expatriate parents from Britain in 1966.  later it got authorized by the government of Nepal in 1967. This college has been making its name recently for its stupendous job in A-levels. It’s one of the best colleges in Nepal if you talk about the current scenario. Given the infrastructure provided to you, it maybe is a little expensive but it pays up in some way. It will give you the feel of a foreign university for sure.

LocationTrade Tower, Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact Number+977 (1) 5111100/1/2, +977 (1) 5111103

Malpi International Collage

Established in 1998 Malpi is a well-reupdated college. With an excellent administrative team and teachers, the college is simply worth a try. The school has quite a reputation for good students and the result speaks for that too. It will be quite an interesting journey after you join this college. From academic learnings to shaping you as an individual this college will sure try its best for that.

LocationSubarna Shamsher Marg, Baluwatar Kathmandu.
Contact Number014442066/014442067/014442068
Email admin@malpiins.edu.np

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