This article contains the exercises of unit 12 of the English chapter “Animal World”. Animal World– All Exercise Solved, Class -12, New Course – 2079

Animal World Exercise Solution


The medusa is a little jellyfish that lives on the ventral surface of an ocean slug found in the Bay of Naples. Perusers will wind up getting up to speed in the destiny of the medusa and the snail as a representation for everlasting issues of life and passing as Lewis Thomas further expands the investigation of man and his reality started in The Lives of a Cell. Among the fortunes in this heavenly book are articles on the human virtuoso for committing errors, on sickness and normal passing, on cloning, on moles, and Montaigne, just as an evaluation of clinical science and medical care. In these papers and others, Thomas and bypasses his perceptions of the logical world in writing set apart by marvel and mind.


Lewis Thomas was a doctor, writer, etymologist, writer, head, instructor, strategy counsel, and specialist. An alum of Princeton University and Harvard Medical School, he was the senior member of Yale Medical School and New York University School of Medicine, and the leader of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Institute. He composed consistently in the New England Journal of Medicine, and his expositions were distributed in a few assortments, including The Lives of a Cell: Notes of a Biology Watcher, which won two National Book Awards and a Christopher Award, and The Medusa and the Snail, which won the National Book Award in Science. He passed on in 1993.

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