Critical Thinking

In this article and video contains the exercises of unit 1 of the English chapter “Critical Thinking”. Critical Thinking– All Exercise Solved, Class -11, New Course – 2079

“Know Thyself”

The text entitled “Know Thyself” is extracted taken from children’s novel “Wonder” written by R.J. Palacio. Raquel Jaramillo Palacio (born July 13, 1963) is an American author and graphic designer. She is the author of several novels for children, including the best-selling Wonder. This text is about August Pullman, a fifth grader having disfigured face attending an English class. A home schooled child by his mother, is admitted in the fifth grade in a private school. Here he narrates an English class by his teacher Mr. Browne who teaches them what “Precept” is in an interesting and creative way.

What is critical thinking? •

  • Critical (vital/decisive/important) Thinking (view/judgment/belief/opinion/idea)
  • To make reasonable/logical/rational judgment/decision/conclusion base of the analysis and evaluation of sources such as fact/phenomena/research etc. .
  • Being able to distinguish between useful and useless details to solve problem/decision making .
  • Problem thinking- solution .
  • Practical strategy for better decision making, problem solving and goal setting

Critical thinking support :

  • Always thinking critically
  • Argue and debate on everything,
  • different reading,
  • claim- evidence
  • learn from everything,

Steps of Critical thinking :

  • Remembering-factual concepts, principles of the subject,
  • Understanding situation – finding main idea/summarizing/explaining
  • Application of theories- using ideas in new ways/applying theories
  • Analyzing -examining the reasons for theories/finding evidences/relations
  • Evaluating-comparing ideas, finding out strength and weakness .
  • Creating-synthesis of a new idea/new perspective
  • Communication – share you idea


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