A Devoted Son Exercise Class 12: Solutions

This article contains the exercises of unit 2.2 of the English chapter “A Devoted Son”.A Devoted Son– All Exercise Solved, Class -12, New Course – 2078 | A Devoted Son Summary

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A Devoted Son Exercise Solution

Summary of the Story

The title of the story refers to Rakesh, on whom the whole story moves around. He comes from a poor Indian village. His father, Mr. Varma, works as an oil seller and educates him. The story begins with the news of his success being a topper in the country in the medical examination followed by the celebration of the family with the neighbors Then he gets an opportunity for further study in America and leaves the country. He does quite well there and Mr. Varma is proud of his son. However, some villagers think he may forget the country and settles there. He sends his awards to his home. He is offered a job in a reputed American hospital but he returns home to serve his parents and the nation. However, his parents are not happy with his decision. After he returns, he marries an uneducated village girl and starts working at a city hospital. Soon, he becomes the director of the hospital and everybody becomes happy. He has made them feel proud of him. Then he starts his clinic. Unfortunately, his mother dies and his father becomes very sad. Now he has his own family and can’t give his father enough time. Soon his father becomes severely ill. He cares for his father and asks his wife to provide medicine and proper food on time. Rakesh banns his father from having sweets but he tries to get them from Rakesh’s son. Rakesh worries about the behavior of his son being less faithful. Mr. Varma complains about not getting enough food. Tensions rise between them but he becomes more devoted to his father. Eventually, his father passes away and the story ends

Analysis of the Story

It depicts the story of a lower-class family in a poor village in India. Mr. Varma, the son of a vegetable vendor, is not educated and runs his family as an oil seller. He dreams of comfortable life making his son Rakesh a reputed doctor. He works hard for his dream and it comes true. It suggests that devoted children can help to fulfill their parent’s dreams. The author has created a feeling of gratitude towards the family and the nation as Rakesh returns home and serves the family and the community although he has been offered many jobs in reputed American hospitals. He is also given the highest rank in the hospital honoring his study and hard work. Suddenly the story swerves with the death of Rakesh’s mother and the father becoming ill. These are the natural processes one has to suffer in real life. The author might be telling that one should take up the responsibility of being strong in these situations. Rakesh cares about his parents well. However, tensions rise between him and his father. It is the consequence of the generation gap. Being a dying patient, Mr. Varma’s wish of eating his favorite food is not unusual and as a doctor, it is Rakesh’s duty to prevent his patient from eating harmful food The story is realistic and very interesting to read. The author has done justice to the characters and the title also seems to be quite appropriate due to Rakesh’s character. It is said that the young children and the aged ones are similar in their character which can be realized in his story.

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