Exercises and Summary of What I Require from Life

Exercises and Summary of What I Require from Life by  John Burdon Sanderson Haldane | What I Require from Life Complete Exercise

Understanding the text

Answer the following questions.

a. How does the writer distinguish between a peaceful age and a heroic age?
Answer: The writer distinguishes between a peaceful age and a heroic age by making a
comparison between them. He recalls his birth time a peaceful age and the time of
1914, when the First World War took place as heroic age.
b. Why does the writer want more freedom of speech than most people?
Answer: The writer wants more freedom of speech than most people to express and
explain what he feels about the society. He wants freedom of speech to tell the public
about the issues like medicines, newspapers and drinks do not maintain quality.
c. According to the writer, what are the four general human needs?
Answer: According to the writer the four general human needs are work, freedom of
speech, health and friendship.
d. What is the difference between desire and demand according to the writer?
Answer: According to the writer the difference between desire and demand is that the
demand is related with the basic needs of life like food, clothes and shelter but desire
includes things which improve living standard. The writer talks about car, garden,
bathing pool and nearby beach as desires.
e. Why does the writer demand security?
Answer: The writer demands security because it is an important need for a person to
live a happy life. He lived in the age of war and chaos due to which the lives of many
peoples was in risk. So he demands security.

Reference to the context

Explain the following lines with reference to the context:
a. “The satisfaction of adventure is something much more solid than a thrill.”
Answer: The author believes that adventure is not only about emotions, but also about
satisfaction in performing a creative activity. It enriches people with solid experience. He
compares thrill with amusement he has got from reading Rimbaud’s poetry. He served
on the war front in Madrid for six months and looked forward to read a book of
Rimbaud’s poetry for a thrill.
b. “I want the workers to see the fruit of their own work not in profits for others,
but in their own and their friends’ well-being.”

Answer: The line shows the writer’s support for socialism. He asserts the hardworking
should be rewarded directly to a considerable extent. He wants democracy within the
working environment. He is a socialist who wants industry to be controlled by the
workers. They should be free to work and share profit among themselves too. He
compares the nature of industrial work with hunting and gardening like of paleothitic
and neolithitic. To create an even and pleasing working atmosphere the profits of work
should remain among working people.
c. Why do you think the essayist has taken reference from the ancient

Answer: I think the essayist has taken reference from the ancient philosopher like
Aristotle, Lord Blan, Mr. Dash, and Sir John Asterisk to support his ideas and convince
the readers about his idea of decent work and death.
d. Discuss the essay in terms of its language, purpose, subject, point of view and
mode of writing.

Answer: The language is simple and lucid in the essay. Haldane’s style is typically
straight forward and vigorous. As a science popularize, he is accustomed to write about
complex maters in a simple language so that any reader can understand. Here, when
writing on a non- technical subject, he retains this simplicity, with short, forceful,
declarative sentences and clear explanations.
His subject at first appears to be personal and thus made of writing descriptive.
However, in the second part of his essay, it becomes clear that he is putting forward a
political argument freedom, for instance not merely a personal preference of Haldane’s
but a universal requirement. This means that society should be structured in such a way
as to maximize freedom for everyone.
His viewpoint is that of a social critic, setting forth a general program of the principles
that should underlie to a civilized society.

Reference beyond the text

a. What do you require from your life to be happy and satisfied?
Answer: I require good health, a job, friendship, freedom & security from my life to be
happy and satisfied.
b. What is socialism? How is it different from capitalism?
Answer: Socialism is a system of social and economic equality in which private property
and ownership are not prioritized. It differs from capitalism because capitalism does not
provide economic equality. Unlike socialism, capitalism ignores people’s needs and does
not promote equal opportunity.
c. Write an essay about your dream house.
My Dream House
My dream house is an ideal house that I always imagine. House becomes home when
we pour love to our family members. It is a place where different generation live
together in a single bond. So, my dream house will be full of love and happiness.
I always dream of a mountainous wooden home. My ideal home should be facing a
river. Through the windows, I could watch the mountains sunset and vanish. It should be
facing East direction because I want to enjoy cool air as well as rising sun view. My ideal
home would include a little garden with my own veggies and fruits.
I would like to maintain my house neat and clean. There will be a meditation room for
myself to do Yoga and meditation. I will also make one library room for my family and
visitors. I will make a special room for my parents and visitors. I won’t add too much
amenities in my dream house because it creates laziness. I believe that physical exercises
are necessary to be healthy and fit. There will be solar panel in my house to maintain
regular light. I will also add a big smart TV for my parents and visitors. My house’s wall
will be decorated with beautiful wall paintings capturing nature’s true beauty. I also have
a 1 year old pet dog named Puppy. I also want a modest but cozy area in Puppy’s home
where he may sleep and rest when he gets old.
My dream home is a place of joy, peace and beauty. Right now it exists only in my
dreams. But someday, it will become a reality.

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