The Treasure in the Forest

The Treasure in the Forest Exercise Solution

About Writer (H.G. Wells-1866-1946)

Herbert George Wells(H.G. Wells) was an American author who wrote in various categories like books, brief tales, history, parody, editorial, life stories, and live accounts. He was additionally well known for his sci-fi books like ‘The War of the World’, ‘The undetectable Man’, and ‘And the Island of Doctor Moreau. Right on time, he additionally visualized atomic weapons, airplanes, space travel, tank, the web, TV, and so forth furthermore time travel, outsider attack, organic designing, intangibility, and so on Most importantly, we should realize how far knowledge vision has him. He additionally composes the story “The Treasure in the Forest” which addresses the finish of insatiability as ruinous.


  • Major Characters: Evans, Hooker
  • Secondary Characters: Cahng -hi, Chinaman

Summary: The Treasure in the Forest

  • The story entitled written by H.G. Wells is somehow like a suspense story which is about the two treasure hunters, Evans and Hooker, who have murdered a Chinese man to steal his map that locates a buried stash of gold ingots.
  • Hooker studied the map, which the narrator revealed that they stole from a Chinaman, Chang-hi, whom they murdered during the theft. Chang-hi had by chance discovered the treasure left behind by a shipwrecked Spanish galleon, and had decided to rebury it elsewhere, at a location revealed by his map. The map was unclear but still, there was an outline of the island One aspect of the map puzzles Evans and Hooker though; part of it is covered by little dashes pointing in every direction.
  • Evans and Hooker identified the spot indicated on the map, and after Teach beaches their canoe they stroke into the interior of the island, through the forest. They soon discovered the identifying pile of stones just as the map said, but alongside it laid the purple and swollen body (dead body) of a Chinaman who had evidently himself been looking for the treasure, as they could see some half-exposed yellow bars of gold in the hole he had been digging. The men assumed the Chinaman to have been one of Chang hi’s associates, who had decided to try and claim the treasure for himself.
  • Evans started to pick up the gold ingots to take them back to the canoe, but as he does so feels a thorn prick. The two men loaded as much of the gold as they can drag back to the boat in Evans’s jacket and set off, but after about a hundred yards Evans’s arms started to ache, he became sweaty and he began to convulse.
  • Hooker, in rearranging the ingots on the jacket after Evans’s collapse, himself felt a thorn prick, and at last realized the meaning of the little dashes on the map; Chang-hi had protected his treasure with thorns similar to those the Dyaks poison and used in their blowing-tubes”.
  • Evans cried; silent and motionless, save for a horrible spasmodic twitching of his limbs. The forest was silent. Then Hooker began to suck furiously at the little pink spot on the ball of his thumb-sucking for dear life. Presently he felt a strange aching pain in his arms and shoulders, and his fingers seemed difficult to bend. Then he knew that sucking was no good.
  • Abruptly he stopped, and sitting down by the pile of ingots, and resting his chin upon his hands and his elbows upon his knees stared at the distorted but still quivering body of his companion. Chang-hi’s grin came into his mind again. The dull pain spread towards his throat and grew slowly in intensity. Far above him, a faint breeze stirred the greenery, and the white petals of some unknown flower came floating down through the gloom. The story ends as Hooker lies dying alongside the “still quivering” body of his companion.

Analysis & Interpretation

  • The main idea of The Treasure in the Forest is to tell us don’t take a risk when we are not prepared.
  • We must prepare before going anywhere. The end of greed is destructive. We must focus and understand each thing before making any decision on it. Otherwise, it result is bad like Evans and Hooker.
  • This story represents that greed is the big enemy of a person and also shows the weakness of money and wealth
  • Tit for tat; Karma and justice






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