“Human Development Index And Nepal Question & Answer”

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Lesson – 2

Human Development Index and Nepal


Very Short Answer Questions

1.    What is Human Development Index? How is it expressed?

Ans: Human development index is a composite statistic of various dimensions like life expectancy, education, and per capita income indicators which are used to rank the counties of the world in terms of human progress. It is expressed between 0 to 1.


2.    What is the status of Nepal on Human Development Index?

Ans: The status of Nepal according to the 2017 statistical update on human development is 0.574 which is in the medium human development category.


3.    Compare Congo and Denmark with Nepal in terms of the human development index.

Ans: In terms of human development, Congo and Nepal have almost similar indexes of HDI. Both countries have poor economic, educational, and health statuses whereas Denmark and Nepal have vast differences in HDI as Denmark is highly developed in the economic, educational, and health sectors.


4.    Are the efforts made by GoN to improve the Human Development Index sufficiently or not? Present your views in a sentence.

Ans: In my view, the efforts of the GoN to improve HDI are not sufficient because there has not been any remarkable progress in the HDI of Nepal.


5.    Why is Human Development Index necessary? Write your opinion in a sentence. (SEE, 2074 DC)

Ans: HDI is necessary to identify the present status of a country and to launch plans and policies for Human Development in the future.


Short Answer Questions


1.    What should be done for the development of Nepal? Suggest any six measures.

Ans- Nepal is a developing country. It needs to carry out several efforts for its development. They are:

a) Maintain political stability

b) Development of infrastructures in every nook and corner of the country

c) Implementation of special programs to control corruption

d) Production of required skilled human resources by providing technical education and skill developing training

e) Creating employment focusing on agriculture, hydropower, tourism, etc.

f) Encourage public participation in development


2.    What are the purposes of measuring human development?

Ans- The purpose of measuring human development is:

a) To identify the condition of human development compare and rank the social and economic development of different countries of

b) To the world

c) To determine the areas to be improved in human development

d) To improve the human development sector.

e) to set the future goals of the country and make plans accordingly.


3. Mention the three dimensions of human development? Write the formula to calculate the HDI dimension index.

Ans: The three dimensions of human development are :

a) Health (long and healthy life)

b) Education (knowledge)

c) Per Capita Income (decent standard of living) The formula to calculate the HDI dimension index is :

Dimension Index = Actual Value-Minimum Value ÷ Maximum Value-Minimum Value


4.    Suggest any four ways to improve human development.

Ans Following are the ways to improve human development: Expansion in the health services

Ø Focus on the development of education

Ø Modernization in agriculture

Ø Development in the tourism business

Ø Mobilization of local resources and means

Ø Increase in the employment opportunity




5.    List any four roles that can be played by the provincial government to upgrade the Human Development Index (HDI) in your area. (SEE, 2075 DP)

Ans: I am an inhabitant of Ajirkot Rural Municipality, Province No. 4. My area is not very developed, so the HDI of my area is not very high. Apart from the Federal government, the provincial government of Gandaki Province can also do a lot to upgrade the HDI of my area. The possible roles the Gandaki Province government can play to upgrade the HDI of my place are as follows:

·       The government of my province can promote my area for tourism.

·       It can launch the policy of free and compulsory education up to the secondary level.

·       It can set up a technical vocational training center in my area.

·       It can attract the jobless youths towards various self-employment programs through state policy


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