Human Resource Development

This article contains questions and answers about human resource development.

Unit – 1 We and Our Society


Lesson – 1 Human Resource Development


Very Short Answer Questions

1.       Define Human Resource.

Ans: The people or group of people with the ability, knowledge, and skill to perform or carry out various tasks in a specific field are known as human resources.


2.       Name the types of human resource on the basis of skill.

Ans– The types of human resource on the basis of skill are unskilled human, resource Semi-skilled human resource, and Skilled human resource.

3. Compare between short-term human resource and long-term human resource in a sentence.

Ans Short-term human resource means human resource prepared for fulfilling the short need of the nation. The term Long term human resource means human resource prepared for fulfilling both the immediate and future needs of a country.

4.Write the full form of HRM and HRD.

Ans– The full form of HRM is Human Resource Management and HRD is Human Resource Development

5. What should be done to further strengthen the human resource development in the context of Nepal? Write your opinion in a sentence. (SEE, 2075 DP)

Ans– To further strengthen the human resource development in Nepal, the government should launch effective plans and policy along with their effective implementation.

Short Answer Questions

1. Write any four characteristics of Human Resources Management.

Ans– Human resource management refers to personal management. It is a process of recruiting and developing employees to make them more valuable to the organization. HRM has various characteristics which are given below :

·                     It is an art and science

·                     It is a continuous process

·                     It is a service function

·                     It must be regulation friendly

·                     Interdisciplinary and fast changing

·                     It focuses on result

·                     It is people centered

·                     It is an integrated system


2. Differentiate between Human Resource Development and Human Resource Management.



It is the process of appointing and developing employees to make them more valuable to the organization.

IT is a continuous development that interdict improve the performance of people will in the organization

Is a function of management

It is a part of human resource management

It is a routine process

It is an ongoing process

It is concerned with people only

It focuses on the development of the entire organization


3.       Explain the importance of HRD.


Ans: Human Resource Development is a continuous development that intends to more the performance of people working in the organization Without human resources development, the country cannot progress effectively it helps to fulfill the lack orange at the time of need and manage the additional employees. It has to use the productivity of the organization with the proper management of available now helps to increase or decrease the number of workers in the organization I the whole plan, organization, policy-making, etc. It focuses on the development of the entire organization. It is useful to motivate the manpower and the guarantor to achieve the goal. An organization can get competent manpower from this is manages the whole plan, organization, policymaking, mutual cooperation, provision of budget, and condition of profit and loss of the organization. It also assists in the search for manpower for the present and future. It is supportive to meet manpower to achieve organizational goals. It strengthens the relationship between stakeholders and employees which gives a positive result in the quality of the work Thus, human resource development is very important.


4.       What plans have been made for human resource development in our country?


Ans Following plans have been made for the human resource development in our country

a) Establishment of various universities, medical Colleges, and engineering institutions.

b) Establishment of various technical institutions under CTEVT to provide skill-oriented training to the youths.

c) Establishment and successful operation of staff college to improve the professional skill of government employees.

d) Inclusion of ICT and Technical Education in the school curriculum.


5.       How should the manpower plan be prepared in order to upgrade our country a developed country?

Ans– Manpower plan should be prepared in the following ways :

a) Determining the objectives of Human resource planning

b) Analyzing current manpower supply

C) Training and development

d) Analyzing the manpower gaps

e) Forecasting the demand and supply of Human Resources

f) Evaluation of manpower planning g) Employment plan/Action plan


6.       What are the challenges in the human resource development in Nepal? How can they be overcome?




Lack of required manpower for development since a large number of skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled manpower go abroad for foreign employment.

Employment opportunity should be created in the country and reduce dependency on foreign employment.

There is lack of clear human resource policy A in the country.

A human resource plan with long term action plan is necessary to overcome challenges of HRD.

The effort of the government for HRD through education, health, tourism is not enough.

Enough efforts should be made to get benefits from the existing active population.

Complexity in the management of manpower since the production and demand do not match.

Balance between the production of manpower in the country and demand in the market should be maintained.



7.       Why is it essential to improve the condition of human resource development in Nepal? Give reasons.

Ans– It is essential to improve the condition of human resource development in because of the following reasons Nepal :

a) To make development work competitive and speedy.

b) For effective implementation of plans and policies.

c) To achieve targeted goals at the specified time.

d) To mobilize means and resource.


8.       What are the procedure for preparing human resources?

Ans– A nation should prepare and produce different types of human resources for harmonious development. If not, there may be an imbalance in human power.

Certain procedures should be followed to prepare human resources which are as follows :

a) First determine the objectives for Human Resource Planning

b) Then analyze the current human power supply

c) After that, analyze the manpower gaps

d) Finally plan formation and implementation


9.       Human Resource Development is the foundation of Nation Development. Justify. (SEE, 2074 BC)

Ans– It is a well-known fact that a country’s pace of development is affected by its skilled human resources. Skilled human resources can utilize the wasted resources of the country. Apart from this, semi-skilled, and unskilled human resources also can contribute in the development of a nation. That’s why a country like Nepal should focus on Human Resources Development. For this purpose, the government should launch effective plans and policies for the development of skilled human resources. Universities, colleges, technical institutions, vocational training centers, etc should be established to provide quality education, and skill and job-oriented training to the jobless youths. After getting the education and proper training, the Human Resources then utilize the available means and resources in the country. They can draft proper plans and policies, and carry out the development works as per the need of the country. Therefore, we can say that Human Resources Development is the foundation of the development of the nation.




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