Measurement Question and Note Grade 9

Group A: Knowledge(k) [1 Marks ]

  1. Define 1-kilogram mass.
  2. What is meant by derived unit?
  3. What is the main purpose of developing the S.I systems all over the world?
  4. What is meant by measurement?
  5. Write the definition of one standard meter.
  6. What is an S.I unit?
  7. Write the S.I unit of the following quantities.
    1. Potential difference
    2. Density
  8. What are fundamental units?
  9. Write down the S.I unit of current and amount of substance.
  10. Show the basic unit involved in watt.
  11. Define density and write its S.I units.
  12. State Newton’s First law of motion.
  13. Find the fundamental units used in the following derived units.
    • N
    • W
  14. Write the units of the following quantities
    • Electric current
    • Luminous intensity
  15. Define one standard kilogram.
  16. Define unit.
  17. What is acceleration?
  18. Why is the unit of force called a derived unit?

Group B: UNDERSTANDING (U) [2 Marks ]

  1. Why is it necessary to have regular checkups of the device for weight measurements in the market?
  2. Show the basic units involved in the Newton and Volt.
  3. Newton is known as a derived unit, why? Give reason.
  4. Why does the Nepal Bureau of standards and metrology check the correctness of the scales and standard weights of the shops on the fixed interval?
  5. A quartz clock is more appropriate than a pendulum clock to measure time, why?
  6. Write any two differences between the S.I. System and the M.K.S. system of units.
  7. The unit of the moment is known as the derived unit, whereas, the unit of current electricity is known as the fundamental unit, why? Give reason.
  8. Why is Pascal called a derived unit? Prove that.
  9. Differentiate fundamental and derived quantities in two points.
  10. Why is the unit of temperature called the fundamental unit?Give reason.
  11. Why is the S.I unit developed? Give reasons.

Group C: APPLICATION (A) [3 Marks ]

  1. Find the fundamental units used in the unit of power.
  2. Write the formula of pressure and prove that its unit is a derived unit.


  1. Write the name and units of seven fundamental quantities and arrange them in a table.

S.I Units of Some Physical Quantities

S.NName of Physical QuantitiesS.I UnitsSymbol
5.Electric CurrentampereA
6.Luminous intensity of Brightness of Lightcandelacd
7.Amount of Substance or Quantity of Substance/mattermolemol

Basic Units Involved in Some Derived Units

S.NPhysical QuantitySI units of Derived
Basic of Fundamental
units Involved
6.Work and EnergyW=F*SJ
8.PressureP=F/APa or N/m2






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